Ordering & Pick-Up

Busken Specialty Cakes

With so many skillfully crafted cakes & award-winning designs, it’s understandable to get that “Cake In The Headlights” feeling when ordering. The following tips can help you get the right specialty cake for your special occasion. When you’re ready to order, just call 871-CAKE (2253), 513-871-5330, or stop in to a Busken location near you.

Ordering Tips
  • Timing: Place your order a minimum of 3 days in advance of your pick-up date.
  • Pick-Up Plan: Most cakes can be delivered to our Busken Bakery locations around town for pick-up. All Tier Cakes must be picked up at Hyde Park Busken Bakery at 2675 Madison Road, Cincinnati Ohio, 45208.
  • Bring A Buddy: All Tier Cakes require two people at time of pick-up. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the sad stories of people trying to transport a beautiful cake by themselves, only to end up alone and sticky.
  • Size & shape: Sheet cake, Round Cake, Cupcake Cake, etc.
  • Batter: Yellow, White, Chocolate, Marble Swirls, Tie -Dye, etc.
  • Icing: Color and kind: White Buttercream, Chocolate, etc.
  • Decoration: Balloons, Flowers, Picture Perfect, Toy Scenes, and more. Browse our collection and get inspired.
  • Inscription/Instructions: What exactly do you want written, if anything, on the cake?
How To Pay

Busken Tier Cakes must be Paid-In-Full at the time & place of the order. In-person orders: cash or credit card only & no personal checks. Telephone orders: all major credit cards accepted. 50% of the total price of the cake is non-refundable in the event that the cake has already been made at the time of cancellation.

Order a Busken Cake today. Call 871-CAKE (2253)