Busken in the News

Busken Bakery’s famous Presidential Cookie Poll has predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1984!

2016 Presidential Election
Will Busken Predict the Next President?
Trump Leads in Busken Presidential Cookie Poll
Busken Bakes up Third Party Cookie

2012 Presidential Election
Ohio Bakery Predicts President
A Presidential Race Good to the Last Bite

Candidate Cookies Sweeten Bitter Election Season

Fiona the Hippo was born at the Cincinnati Zoo six weeks prematurely. Busken Bakery donated $1 of every Fiona image cookie to the Cincinnati Zoo. On 4/24/2017, Busken Bakery donated $39,216.

Who Knew Baby Hippo Cookies Could Sell so Well? Busken did
Busken Bakery Selling Team Fiona Cookies in Support of Baby Hippo
Meet Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo’s $200,000 baby hippo
Fiona Cookies Return at Busken Bakery

In 2012 Busken Bakery and Frisch’s engaged in an advertising battle known as the Pie Wars. The Pie Wars involved playful pranks and billboards from two iconic Ohio brands.

Cincinnati Deliciously Torn Apart by Pumpkin Pie Wars
Pumpkin Pie Wars Divide the Tri-State
Battle of Pumpkin Pies Resumes Between Busken, Frisch’s