Ordering & Pick-Up

Busken Specialty Cakes

With so many skillfully crafted cakes & award-winning designs, it’s understandable to get that “Cake In The Headlights” feeling when ordering. The following tips can help you get the right specialty cake for your special occasion. When you’re ready to order, just call 513-871-CAKE (2253), 513-871-5330, or stop in to a Busken location near you.

Ordering Tips
  • Timing: Place your order a minimum of 3 days in advance of your pick-up date.
  • Pick-Up Plan: Most cakes can be delivered to our Busken Bakery locations around town for pick-up. All Tier Cakes must be picked up at Hyde Park Busken Bakery at 2675 Madison Road, Cincinnati Ohio, 45208.
  • Bring A Buddy: All Tier Cakes require two people at time of pick-up. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the sad stories of people trying to transport a beautiful cake by themselves, only to end up alone and sticky.
  • Size & shape: Sheet cake, Round Cake, Cupcake Cake, etc.
  • Batter: Yellow, White, Chocolate, Marble Swirls, Tie -Dye, etc.
  • Icing: Color and kind: White Buttercream, Chocolate, etc.
  • Decoration: Balloons, Flowers, Picture Perfect, Toy Scenes, and more. Browse our collection and get inspired.
  • Inscription/Instructions: What exactly do you want written, if anything, on the cake?
How To Pay

Busken Tier Cakes must be Paid-In-Full at the time & place of the order. In-person orders: cash or credit card only & no personal checks. Telephone orders: all major credit cards accepted. 50% of the total price of the cake is non-refundable in the event that the cake has already been made at the time of cancellation.

Order a Busken Cake today. Call 513-871-CAKE (2253)