Busken’s 89th Birthday

Cincinnati, OH – (7 August 2017) – This week Busken Bakery celebrates its 89th year of baking in Greater Cincinnati. Brian and Dan Busken are the 4th generation of the Busken family to lead the family’s retail bakery business, started by their Great Grandfather. “We’re going to give one lucky person 89 weeks of free donuts in honor of our 89th birthday,” said Brian Busken, “that’s a lot of donuts!”

“I think we’re most well known for our wide selection of fresh donuts and our signature yellow happy-face cookies…and of course our silly billboards,” noted President Dan Busken.

Founded in Cincinnati by Joseph C. Busken Sr. in 1928 the company started from humble beginnings, selling baked goods from the counter of a meat market in East Hyde Park on Erie Avenue. In 1962 Busken moved the bakery operation to its current location at the corner of Madison and Edwards roads in Hyde Park. The bakery operates around the clock, seven days a week and pushes out over 100 unique varieties of baked goods every day. The store has remained open 24 hours a day since it opened, always available for late night snackers.

All 8 bakery locations are offering FREE Birthday cookies to every customer through the door and all donut varieties are just 89 cents, this week through August 12.